Mr. Garfinkle received his Bachelor of Science degree in Police Science & Administration for California State University Los Angeles and has been a member of the California State bar since 1988.  He is a certified specialist in workers’ compensation.

After becoming a member of the California bar, Mr. Garfinkle worked for Farmers Insurance Group in their civil and workers’ compensation litigation department defending clients in various types of personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.  Mr. Garfinkle first chaired 29 personal injury jury trials.  Thereafter, Mr. Garfinkle has tried numerous case in chief and lien trials at the WCAB and has become a certified specialist in workers’ compensation by the California bar..

Mr. Garfinkle also had significant employment experience before becoming an attorney that aids in his defense work.  He worked as a private investigator in the personal injury field. This work involved various aspects of developing facts for potential settlement or trial, including obtaining photographs, witness statements and other evidence.  Other aspects of this work involved locating and serving defendants and witnesses for trial.

Mr. Garfinkle is an associate attorney working in the firm’s Los Angeles office.