On August 23, 2017, EPS hosted another edition of its Morning Speaker Series at its San Diego office, 701 B Street, Suite 1790. The Series brings together leading experts and EPS attorneys to discuss trending litigation and related topics.  This edition addressed the scope, usage, legal authority and ramifications on care and litigation of “Telemedicine” in California workers’ compensation claims.

EPS was pleased to be joined by David Kobrinetz, National Director of Telemedicine for U.S. HealthWorks. Mr. Kobrinetz has more than 25 years of experience developing innovative strategies for domestic and international healthcare organizations. He has developed and implemented U.S. HealthWorks’ national Telemedicine program, coordinating with various stakeholders, including Administrative Directors, insurance carriers, TPAs, employers and physicians. Mr. Kobrinetz will share his experience and bring us up to speed on the state of “Telemedicine” in Occupational Medicine.

Terry Wheaton, Alex Oberjuerge and Barry Ponticello addressed the various legal issues raised by “Telemedicine” in litigated workers’ compensation claims. Legal authority, litigation effect and usage, and related topics were discussed, as well as legal predictions on the future of “Telemedicine” in litigated claims.  More information can be found on the EPS blog, www.englandponticellostclair.org.